Will marriage change Vidya Balan’s Khan-like status?

Will marriage change Vidya Balan’s Khan-like status?

Vidya Balan has famously admitted that she had faced so many rejections and bad luck trying to make it as a movie star that anybody else would have given up on that dream long ago. But all Vidya wanted to do is act. Many of the best film stars have said that be it Merly Streep, Dustin Hoffman or Robert de Niro. All they said they ever wanted to do was act. That fame and all its trappings were secondary. So when Vidya Balan says she has the burning desire to act, i’m guessing marriage or no marriage, nothing will stand in her way of getting those meaty women oriented roles.

In fact Vidya has comfortably filled in the slot that was once reserved for Rani Mukherjee. With Rani having put all her cards into the Yashraj kitty, she did spell career suicide turning up to do uninspiring roles like in Bol Hadippa. Rani let her heart rule her career, having allegedly become Yashraj honcho Adita Chopra’s lady love. Vidya Balan on the other hand may have been dating another filmi head honcho Siddharth Roy Kapur, but the Tamilian bombshell and the Bong beauty’s similarities end. Vidya has worked too long and too hard to let her heart rule her career. So she may have set the wedding date, ready to say her ‘I Do’s’ on December 14th, Vidya will be back with a bang. I suspect the wedding will be another blip in her career path.

Take for example Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who has had the cream of the crop in terms of endorsements and film roles. She willfully took a break from acting to concentrate on her family and daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. Not that Mrs Junior Bachchan hasn’t had to struggle to get roles for her comeback. But Vidya is made of stronger stuff. In fact she may be the only married actress in future who will enjoy the same kind of star status as when she was single. After all you can’t put down that little something called talent!

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