Why’s everyone trying to hook up Sana-Vishal?

Why’s everyone trying to hook up Sana-Vishal?

Irrespective of the fact that Bigg Boss house is a place where all controversies, conflicts, arguments and fights find a common abode, it still remains one of the popular shows where many relationships turn into love stories. In the ongoing season of Bigg Boss, the have been quite a few times when the cupid struck and then like a blink-and-miss appearance switched over to other things. Of all the contestants and prospective couples inside the house, Sana Khan and Vishal Khan seem to be the hot favourite for everyone. Pick and situation involving the two and you’d see some sparks coming. If not the co-contestants, then Bigg Boss host Salman Khan isn’t leaving a single chance to take a trip of this supposed lovestruck pair.

In the recent eviction episode, Salman was seen continuously poking Sana Khan and trying to grill her as much as possible… hoping that she would nod her head to at least something if not all. But the hottie appeared way too clever to spill the beans on national television in front of everyone. Rather she kept denying anything beyond friendship between her and good-friend Vishal. She even requested Salman not to say these things seriously because there’s nothing like what he or viewers are thinking. I felt bad to see her getting so uncomfortable while answering all these teasing questions popping one after the other from Salman. But I didn’t understand why the actor was so keen on linking the two inside the house? Why can’t two good friends remain ‘friends’ when they are on a show together?

Honestly, I don’t feel it was really required to bring things out from Sana and Vishal’s personal life outside Bigg Boss show. For how long they have known each other, the times they went on a date or had dinner together – it’s not anyone’s business to poke their nose into. Then why was Salman being so curious? Looks like he ran short of his silly antics to keep the audiences entertained that he has to resort to means like this – picking up on two contestants who shared close acquaintance and unnecessarily link them up. Guess, it’s high time that contestants on Bigg Boss show and host Salman Khan in particular should maintain limits and not interfere in someone’s personal space. ‘Coz all this will result in nothing else but giving more reasons to viewers to say things about Sana-Vishal, which clearly would have an impact on their life once they are out of the show.

No wonder if Sana-Vishal’s love hate story would score over Rajiv-Delnaaz’s divorce drama that has already garnered enough attention on the show. It would be interesting to see if Sana and Vishal actually settle for each other and continue their love relationship outside the Bigg Boss.

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