Why is Sonakshi Sinha throwing weight?

Why is Sonakshi Sinha throwing weight?

Having been a plump kid throughout her childhood and young days, it was only while making her big Bollywood debut in 2010 that star kid Sonakshi Sinha shed lot of weight. Since then, she’s been extra watchful about her shape. But as they say, once fat, always fat… seems Sonakshi has been smitten by the pessimism that she can never be or look slim. Maybe that’s why she has said NO to an ad campaign for a clothing brand because it required her to lose a few more kilos.

Apparently, Sonakshi feels that having lost a lot of weight already, there’s no need to stress her body anymore. Well, now this is not being gutsy or honest but extremely childish and foolish. I wonder if she would have shown same courage and blatantly said no to a Yash Raj Film or Karan Johar film if they wanted her in a slimmer avatar.

Nonetheless, looking at her on screen roles and looks, I need not even say that Sonakshi looked quite comfortable with her curves being accentuated in the best possible way. Films like Rowdy Rathore, Joker and Son of Sardaar showed a sensuous Sonakshi at her curvaceous best with those ‘extra-padded arms’ visibly highlighted. Maybe, directors just knew that there’s no point asking the actress to shed some pounds, because come what may, she won’t get rid of her chubby charm. Huh, I don’t understand why Sonakshi is throwing weight on others instead of shedding it from her body?

Strangely the actress has no qualms about her consistent voluptuous and stout figure, as she has been quoted saying in several interviews that she doesn’t pay heed when people write about her weight and she has learnt to deal with criticism. I wish instead she would have just hit the gym and shut all those who point fingers at her for being flabby. Clearly, the actress isn’t realizing that these weighty issues can become a hindrance in her Bollywood career. After all, she can’t continue to work with actors like Akshay, Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn who are double her age. Sonakshi need to get a slim look and do something about her swinging weight if she wants to act with more co-actors especially from the younger lot.

Having said this all said, I want to know is it that difficult for a tinsel town actress to keep her weight under check, especially after you struggled so hard to shed it and enter films? Sonakshi still seems to be living in the fantasy world that if she was lauded for her curvy looks in Salman Khan starrer Dabangg, she will always be accepted the same way by fans. Highly mistaken dear… it’s time Sonakshi needs to stop being in love with her generous curves and do something serious to be in league with top actors who become obvious choice for directors to be cast in their films. Hope she is listening!

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