Vishal is too smart for Bigg Boss house!

Vishal is too smart for Bigg Boss house!

Wild card entrant inside in Bigg Boss season 6, Vishal Karwal seems to be a little too familiar with the format of the controversial show. The TV actor, who entered the house a week back after Navjot Singh Sidhu made an unplanned exit, can already be seen playing the game very smartly.

Counting his words and calculating his moves, Vishal is ensuring by all means that he forms a bonding with each and every Bigg Boss housemate. Very clearly he does not want to be a part of any group inside the house. And why not! Since the other contestants have spent almost a month more than him inside the Bigg Boss house, Vishal ought to play his tricks intelligently without losing his temper.

Everyone saw how assertively Vishal made his intentions very clear to close friend Sana Khan when she was apparently upset with him ‘coz he was getting over friendly with other inmates on Bigg Boss show. While Sana’s insecurity sounded a bit immature, Vishal on the other hand said it out in open that she shouldn’t expect him to be with her all the time just because they know each other well. Vishal even insisted saying that he’s in Bigg Boss house to enjoy, play the game and survive till the end. Even if that means ignoring and putting his personal bonding and friendship with Sana Khan at stake, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in Vishal’s life.

No wonder he’s been part of controversial reality shows such as Roadies and Splitsvilla and has been through these petty mind games that Bigg Boss contestants are playing. Even when it comes to nominations and evictions, Vishal surely will use his experience that he learnt during his earlier sting with reality television. Perhaps that’s the strategy with which he has agreed to participate in Bigg Boss – to win or not, can’t say at the moment! But the cute looking actor is for sure playing the game in the most subtle way and with his sweet charming talks, he is likely to win viewers hearts too.

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