Virender Sehwag is back with a bang!

Virender Sehwag is back with a bang!

If you are a cricket fan then you will agree that it’s been ages when we saw Virender Sehwag smashing the opposition, days when he would get his triple 100 with ease, when the opposite team players would cry for submission.But this match, 117 against England at Ahmedabad, some people would like to call it an assault but if you go by Sehwag’s standards, it was mild.

After very long, we all could sense a fire in him or may be a desire… And that is whatt, signalled the return of the Indian opener that India loves and the world fears!Since 2012, Virender Sehwag scored his first Test hundred that too by playing in his usual style, he showed n proved that he was/is intensely aware of his struggles and challenges. Which is ofcourse a good sign, atleast for Team India.
Cricket isn’t a rocket science not to Virender Sehwag at least. Usually, it is said that he doesn’t even care to walk up to the pitch on the day of the match to see how it is. He believs in crossing the bridge when he comes to it and not thinking or planning about it – before or after.

Some might call it arrogance and maybeit is but it is something that Sehwag has earned over the years. It is something that all great players wear with great pride and this right-hander is no different.

But there is no better indicator of the fact that gone are his tortourous days. The way Sehwag said in the press conference also. When asked if the Test was already won on the first day, Sehwag responded with confidence “England players are not Bangladesh playhers!”

Indeed, England players are much stronger but Sehwag’s has beaten them into a corner. The day truly belonged to Sehwag and aren’t we all glad?? :)

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