Talaash Review: Too much hype for nothing!

Talaash Review: Too much hype for nothing!

A non-holiday Friday release at the Box office release, ‘Talaash’ surely had the best hype created around everything – film, script and star cast but switch to reality and things weren’t that great. I’m not denying that Reema Kagti came up with a script for ‘Talaash’ that is bound to make you sit cold feet in your seats and biting your nails till the last minute when climax of the film takes you by a surprise.

With a relatively slow narrative since the beginning of ‘Talaash’, the pace doesn’t really pick up throughout the 2-hour flick. A gritty cop Surjan Singh Shekhawat (Aamir Khan ) struggling to solve a mystery accident goes through endless puzzles and while trying to put them together, he comes across few incidents that make him believe things that he would always refrain from doing. Insomniac and tuned in to solve this case, he wanders on the street all night long. On the other hand, his grief-stricken wife Roshni Shekhawat (Rani Mukherji) is attempting to come out of a tragedy that happened in the past and in the course she makes Aamir realize the isolations that is creeping in their marriage.

Amid all this, the absolute show stealer is Rosy aka Simran (Kareena Kapoor). Playing a prostitute and donning those gaudy looks with in-your-face attitude, Bebo has acted pretty well and more importantly has clearly distinguished her role with her earlier avatar in Chameli and Heroine. Just when you think that ‘Talaash’ might as well be one of those love triangles with a husband finding solace in a filthy brothel, lot of secrets start surfacing and you are made to predict the obvious. ‘Talaash’ had lots of gripping elements and some blink-and-miss moments, but the second half looks a bit dragging. I must say, it’s only the clever intelligence that the director has put behind while deciding the climax, which has in a way saved the film.

Supporting star cast including Raj Kumar Yadav (Aamir’s assistant Devrath Kulkarni), Shernaz Patel (Frenny), Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Tehmur) have done their tiny yet essential bits to weave loosen ends into a strong plot and have very well succeeded in doing so. The music and background score in ‘Talaash’ remained in tandem with the intensity of the storyline and turned to be a savior whenever the monotony would pave in.

Summing up, ‘Talaash’ was certainly not it-just-cannot-be-missed film but yeah, can be watched once for Kareena Kapoor. Otherwise, it looked like a bunch of talented actors put together to get wasted.

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  1. RAFIQ Saturday - 22 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    a fine melodramatic movie.brilliantly narrated. superb background score and good starcasting thanks aamir keep going keep going

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