Sonu Nigam returns as host on TV

Sonu Nigam returns as host on TV

Before Sonu Nigam gained recognition as one of India’s most sought after singers, the good-looking Delhi boy was in fact a TV host with a popular reality-show.

Many of you would have watched a young and lanky looking Sonu Nigam on Zee TV’s most popular show in the ‘90s. Yes, Sonu Nigam started his career as a TV host on ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’.

He won over his audience as well as the prestigious music legends who judged the contestants on the show.

Now, 17 years later, Sonu Nigam will be back as a TV host on Zee TV. He will host the awards ceremony of Zee TV’s 20th year, much to the delight of the creative team of the channel from where he started his career.

The show will be aired soon on Zee TV.

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