Sonam Kapoor’s directorial dreams

Sonam Kapoor’s directorial dreams

‘Sonam Kapoor wishes to become a director’… What? Gosh! Phew! I literally was short of words to read this news piece. Can’t believe how sometimes our Bollywood stars can go bizarre wish their wish list. Star kid Sonam Kapoor who has barely managed to make a mark as an actress in Bollywood industry has the guts to say it out in open that she wants to become a director one day. Why Sonam?

Guess, she’s already thrived quite a lot on her father’s name and that’s the main reason she has come this far in Bollywood. Otherwise, it’s not hidden from anyone including directors and movie lovers that Sonam Kapoor isn’t an acting material at all. None of Sonam’s mainstream including ‘Saawariya’, ‘Delhi-6’, ‘Aisha’, ‘Players’ or ‘Mausam has brought her desired name and fame. And let’s face the truth that you can’t survive in acting industry for long just on your face value.

Also the fact that Sonam is a star kid has helped her big deal with get whatever recognition has come her way. ‘Coz if you look at her movies, she hasn’t really done anything substantial yet that she can see herself being a part of a-list starlets or compete with her contemporaries. However, when it comes to being a style diva, Sonam can give anyone a run for their money. But she needs to realize that just good looks do not help you make through various facets of the film industry. Becoming a director, in particular, isn’t a cakewalk – had it been – then any Tom, Dick or Harry would have been into filmmaking.

I feel Sonam should rather concentrate on her on-screen career, improve her acting skills, grab more significant roles and add on some success stories in her kitty of Box office releases. After all, being a celerity kid doesn’t really guarantee you a successful career in Bollywood, until you put in the required amount of efforts. It’s time for Sonam to wake up and smell the coffee.

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