Sonam Kapoor: Struggling star kid!

Sonam Kapoor: Struggling star kid!

Sonam Kapoor has to fight to survive in Bollywood. Yes you read that right! Not only does she have to prove that she is Anil Kapoor’s daughter in the acting department but she also has the misfortuen of being a star kid and having to bear that cross! Sonam Kapoor’s debut film Saawariya was one of the most talked about debuts in Bollywood. But while another star kid the film launched, Ranbir Kapoor, has proved his acting prowess time and again, Sonam Kapoor has a long way to go. And the odds are certainly not in her favour. With the added burden of industrywallahs snickering behind her back calling a useless star kid, she has to work doubly hard to prove she has earned her station in Bollywood for her talent and not just her birth.

Better known for her sense of style than anything else, Sonam Kapoor needs to enroll in some acting classes pronto! Or she’s going to keep playing those spolit, little rich Daddy’s girl roles like the one she played in Aisha. Even her contemporary Deepika Padukone has grown in leaps and bounds. With an action role in Race 2, Deepika is all set to reprise her action star role.

If Sonam doesn’t watch out, she may just end up being romanced by actors twice her age like the other star kid Sonakshi Sinha!

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