Shahrukh Khan: The end of an era?

Shahrukh Khan: The end of an era?

I guess I was the only hardcore idiot who actually spent 400 bucks on a completely absurd and dimwitted Yash Chopra movie. Even after reading about the negative reviews, I still went ahead and sat through this 3-hour (too-long) boring, love saga.

Just 15 minutes into the movie, you can’t help but ask yourself, what would compel an 80-year-old genius filmmaker to direct this fool-hardy love-plot?

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is not a patch on other YRF movies like Lamhe, Chandni, Kabhi Kabhi, Silsila, Veer Zaara and the likes. Old and haggard looking SRK romancing girls half his age, and an expressionless Katrina Kaif simply failed to connect with the audience.

The chemistry between the leading protagonists was nothing to write about. Shahrukh and Katrina simply don’t work. Katrina’s cold turkey looks and Shahrukh’s over the top expressions were the biggest movie downers. Even A.R. Rahman’s music couldn’t play savior for this sunken ship.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan has got to be one of the worst love stories to be made in Indian cinema. I hope this disaster movie marks the end of Shahrukh’s love-boy image as clearly, the actor has got to wake up and smell the coffee. Gone are days when his boyish charm could win over millions of girls across the world. Shahrukh Khan’s end is near. We hope the actor retires gracefully, or acts in more age appropriate roles.

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