Salman loses it to Shahrukh Khan!

Salman loses it to Shahrukh Khan!

Bollywood celebs don’t miss a single chance to take a dig at their arch rivals and the top notch stars are no exception! Keeping their enmity and rivalry on top, the warring Khans – Salman and Shahrukh – ensure to keep distance in person but silently, they are often spotted poking fun at each other. In a recent episode of Bigg Boss where loudmouthed Rakhi Sawant got a bit too over friendly with host Salman Khan, the conversation went in a different direction and dragged Shahrukh Khan into spotlight out of nowhere.

Apparently, drama queen Rakhi Sawant was heard bragging about how she gets a call from Shahrukh Khan within a day or two after she makes an appearance on Bigg Boss show hosted by Salman. Oh is it? We never knew that Rakhi Sawant is so much in demand that Shahrukh has started to make personal calls to the queen of controversy. And if this wasn’t enough, she went on saying that, “I don’t understand the competition, but I have no problem. Idhar bhi Khan (Salman), udhar bhi khan (Shahrukh) aur main inki jaan (I am the heartbeats of all Khans in Bollywood).” No doubt, only someone as gutsy as Rakhi Sawant can declare it loud and clear that both the warring Khans – Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan vie for her attention.

This didn’t end here. Leaving no chance to make the most of the moment, Salman instantly reacted and quipped, “Yeh baazi tu jeet gaya. Congratulations. She’s all yours.” For those who still didn’t get the catch, Salman was hinting towards Shahrukh Khan while having an imaginary conversation with the actor and telling him to keep all of Rakhi Sawant. HUH. Quite petty though on Salman’s part to act like this.

To me, it sounded as if Salman has accepted the fact that he can’t beat Shahrukh at the Box office, so shooting the gun from Rakhi Sawant’s shoulder seemed much easier option to him. Sallu, get a life my dear!!! If you have had enough of Bigg Boss fame, it’s time you gear up and match the standards with Shahrukh Khan, who despite his ever-increasing haters, continue to be the King of Bollywood. Though I am not sure whether SRK would be happy enough on this unexpected triumph that came his way, courtesy Rakhi Sawant.

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