Salman Khan to welcome Dabangg on Bigg Boss stage

Salman Khan to welcome Dabangg on Bigg Boss stage

Salman Khan surely knows to make the most of his stint as Bigg Boss host. After promoting his close friends and their films on the Bigg Boss stage, the actor will now launch the first official trailer of his own film Dabangg 2 that goes in floors around Christmas. This is what you call hitting the bull’s eye. Of course, everyone knows that Bigg Boss season 6 is on its peak right now and the show is becoming more entertaining with each day, so there couldn’t have been a better opportunity for Salman to bring the first look of Dabangg 2 to the small screen audiences through the show.

Touted to be as one of the most controversial yet most viewed and loved show on Indian Television, Bigg Boss certainly provides a huge platform for filmmakers and actors to come and promote their films. With Salman Khan, it’s all the more easier, as he’s association with the show dates back to Season 3 and by now, he has become synonymous to Bigg Boss. It seems as if Bigg Boss is also one of Salman Khan’s home productions.

As for Dabangg 2’s first teaser, the official poster of the film is already out and is making waves all around and once the promo gets released on Bigg Boss show, it ought to create a buzz like never before. In a way, it’s quite a great promotional strategy, as Dabangg 2 being a sequel film needs to be promoted, portrayed and projected in the best possible way. And what better than small screen medium!

Also, it’s a great thing for Dabangg 2 makers, producers and cast that the Bigg Boss show is no longer being aired during odd late night hours otherwise the whole purpose of releasing the trailer on the show would have been ruined. The fact that 90 per cent of Indian audiences are glued to their TV screens during the 9 pm prime slot will ensure that the hype around Dabangg 2 gets build up in the desired way and it reaches to maximum movie lovers around the nation.

So keep watching Bigg Boss seasn 6 and get ready for some Dabangg action from Salman Khan.

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