Salman Khan, the best Bigg Boss host?

Salman Khan, the best Bigg Boss host?

Endless times I have been part of conversations pertaining to Salman Khan being the best host on Bigg Boss show across seasons. Honestly, I haven’t really given a damn about it, not only because I have no personal liking for the actor but for a fact that his over-the-top hosting has never got down well with me.

I won’t have any qualms in saying that Salman Khan has always considered himself above law. The way he takes a dig at contestants staying inside the Bigg Boss house and the frantic wit he brings in his style while hosting the show – he comes across as quite a rude person at times.

He might be the most spontaneous host ever on small screen but that doesn’t mean he can say whatever comes to his mind without thinking how it may affect the person on the receiving end. I don’t think as a Bigg Boss host, he ha got any right to enter the personal space of the contestants, yet he never leaves a chance to make fun of them publicly. And it won’t be wrong to say that in quite a few situations, his so-called comments weren’t in bad taste. There have been incidents where he went below the belt while having a candid conversation with hottie Karishma Kotak when she complimented Salman on his style of dressing. Also, the way he behaved with Sapna Bhavnani on numerous occasions portraying her as an arrogant woman wasn’t really a dignified gesture.

Besides, each time he tries to act over funny during the Bigg Boss eviction episode, I find his jokes a bit too forced and meaningless. His toilet humour has never impressed me or made me laugh. Rather I feel embarrassed to watch him stooping to such vulgar level to garner eyeballs and up the TRP quotient. All said and done, I wonder if you’d still think that Salman Khan is the best host.

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