Salman Khan finds an ideal wife in Katrina!

Salman Khan finds an ideal wife in Katrina!

Okay, it’s official now! According to a survey, Bollywood’s hottest import Katrina Kaif is the most ideal wife for Salman Khan. I wonder how many were actually surprised to read about this revelation. Not that we didn’t know that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have been in a relationship but the point is why isn’t marriage on the cards yet.

Though even at 47, Salman Khan still is the most eligible bachelor in Bollywood but is this all that’s required to maintain his stature? Guess the actor’s inclination towards signing up films that make it to the 100-crore club has gone up so much so that personal life has taken a complete backseat. If not films, then Salman’s evident contentment with whatever he is doing on the big screen and Television seems to have become a big hindrance in his marriage plans.

I get surprised every time his Bollywood friends, media people or even Salman Khan Fans poke fun at him for being ‘still single’. Needless to say that Salman has chosen to remain unperturbed by any such things coming his way but for how long!!! If Katrina is the one he has to eventually settle with, then why this unnecessary delay. I hope Salman is not looking out for more options, for you never know with these Bollywood stars – surprising everyone with the least expected is something they are too good at.

Anyways, on his birthday today, let’s wish that he finds his soul mate in the New Year that’s knocking on the door and without any further delay; he joins the married club before it gets too late.

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