Salman Khan: Bollywood’s best friend

Salman Khan: Bollywood’s best friend

Salman Khan has led a controversial life often getting into public spats with the media, getting involved in one jail sentence after another. For someone who’s been in and out of jail as often as he has, Salman Khan’s well wishers still insist he has a heart of gold. There’s only so much a PR machinery can do in terms of damage control. Salman’s friends in the film industry vouch for his off screen heroism.

Many actresses have come and gone as girlfriends in Salman’s life. But the common factor for him and his ex girlfriends has been that even though the romance may have faded, Salman continues to keep in touch with his exes. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan probably being the only exception. In fact Salman Khan’s charity foundation Being Human was inspired by his ex Somy Ali’s US based charity Human Being. Recently there were reports that Salman had lent his personal trainer to ex Sangeeta Bijlani in her weight loss endeavours.

Salman’s gym is a virtual camping ground for any newcomers trying their luck in Bollywood. In fact Arjun Kapoor attributes his weight loss to Salman Khan. So does Zarine Khan who was spotted by him and then cast as the pretty princess in Veer. Salman can totally take the credit for Katrina Kaif’s success in Bollywood. No other foreigner in Bollywood has enjoyed the kind of success she has. Had it not been for Salman, Katrina would have been just another pretty face struggling to get plum movie deals, becoming a victim of the casting couch.

Govinda’s career was all but over when Salman agreed to do Partner resulting in a huge hit for the former. So when there are reports that Salman Khan has shown concern for Manisha Koirala who is currently undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Perhaps that’s why Priyanka Chopra allegedly changed sides to Salman from SRK?

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