Right time to talk about Sachin’s retirement?

Right time to talk about Sachin’s retirement?

So I overheard this in the metro around 2 days back. After India’s humiliating loss to Team England, the critics, the fans and anyone who knew the slightest clue about cricket initiated their never-ending blame-game.

Their main target was of course the biggest cricketer our generation will ever witness, Sachin Tendulkar.

Many critics are of the opinion that Sachin Tendulkar, who started playing international cricket at the age of 16, must retire gracefully. After India’s loss to England, many cricket enthusiasts called off the master blaster.

Amongst all these back bickering about ‘Sachin’s time to retire’, I overheard a group of 4 old-aged men who wanted Sachin to stay put in the team. According to them, Sachin’s end was no where near. In fact, when they heard about the stories of Sachin’s forced retirement floating around, they were aghast and couldn’t believe a word they were hearing.

But, is this kind of loyalty practical in sports? With Sachin’s permanent place in playing 11, when will all other well-deserving sportsmen get a chance to showcase their talent, the same way Sachin did?

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