Ram Jethmalani to summon Ram?

Ram Jethmalani to summon Ram?

Bigg Boss is nothing if you had to compare our Politicians with the same. The current scenario or rather I would say the state of affairs of Indian politics and politicians is much complicated and aggressive than any Bigg Boss contestant. Sadly, the news channels are churning more masala than Colors Bigg Boss show. :D .
Seriously, did India go through the quota of deserving leaders or are we producing only idiots now? How is Ram jethmalani’s comment and him defending Indira and rajeev killer at court even related? One is religion, other is professional choice. As for his Ram comment, its ‘his’ opinion, he can state that. We are all democrats, aren’t we?? Every Indian has a right to talk about his/her views and opinions. And who made Digvijay or Swamiji or RSS or whoever custodians of Hindusm? As far as I know, every person is free to follow his opinions and his thought and is free to judge even God in Hinduism.

Ram Jethmalani is an eminent lawyer and so he looks at everything from a legal point of view. For his criticism of Hinduism and Ram, well I would just say that he has a right to have his own opinion.It can be ignored and it is not the deciding factor for the high qualities of Lord Ram. Why do people say, ways of God are mystery to men? Lord Ram’s life had a specific purpose & message for all. He wanted to teach us ‘humanity’ which no more exist. Even when there was a clash between his country and his family, he chose the former. Why? You think he had his doubts about Sita and her character. No! He knew that his wife should be above all but as a ruler, he had to take a decision and prove himself. This is a message for all our leaders, how a ruler should act. He did not require intervention of the apex court for action.

Unfortunately, our present politicians and their actions show the steep contrast; Khemka’s transfer & harassment of activists, for exposing them?
So, lets hope Mr Jethmalani would one day realize that the values, norms and code of conduct at Ram’s times were far different from what they are today. So to criticize Lord Ram by today’s
standards is absurd,to say the least !!

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