Rakhi Sawant turns savior for Bigg Boss

Rakhi Sawant turns savior for Bigg Boss

Just when Bigg Boss season 6 was turning into a sunken ship, item girl Rakhi Sawant made a sizzling entry inside the ‘Bigg Boss naye padosi ke ghar’ – the new village house and brought a lot of excitement to the show.

Evidently existing inmates inside Bigg Boss house sensed a stiff competition as Rakhi has been a part of the drill already, but before their anxiety went up, the secret was revealed. Though it was only a heartbreaker to know that the hot ‘n’ happening item girl only entered the show as a guest and not a wild card entry, but whatever moments she spent inside the house enthralled the viewers.

With Rakhi Sawant, you can’t expect anything less but the heaviest dose of drama and entertainment. Clad in a blingy blue skirt and choli, she danced to the tunes of an item number from Rowdy Rathore and gave Bigg Boss housemates a reason to rejoice, forgetting all the tensions in the house.

The comfort with which Rakhi Sawant entered the house and gelled with inmates only proved that she is not new to the Bigg Boss house. Everyone’s favourite, the drama queen has been a part of the controversial reality show in its debut season and her stay inside the Bigg Boss house was just outstanding. With her witty style of talking, quirky catfights and on top of everything her confession of love for now ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi only helped boosting the TRP bar of Bigg Boss.

Whether she created the same magic this time or not, only show makers will tell but undoubtedly her short and sweet appearance on the show added life to the mundane Bigg Boss rural house. Having said this, I’m sure just like me; millions of viewers out there also wished that Rakhi Sawant had entered the Bigg Boss as a wild card contestant, as it’s always a visual delight to watch the daring hottie speaking her heart out. And mind you, if Rakhi stayed inside the Bigg Boss main house, she surely would have give all other female contestants including Urvashi, Mink, Sana et al, a run for the money. Let’s see if existing Bigg Boss housemates can even get an inch closer to the excitement that Rakhi Sawant alone can bring on the show.

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