Rakhi Sawant & Kejriwal: What’s the connection?

Rakhi Sawant & Kejriwal: What’s the connection?

Queen of controversies Rakhi Sawant seems to be on a hibernation mode, as she has been out of action for quite some time now. But seems the recent remark from congress leader Digvijaya Singh has made her so furious that she has decided to drag him to the court. Apparently, Rakhi plans to file a case of defamation against Digvijay, for the minister compared her with Arvind Kejriwal in one of his tweets that read: “Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant. They both try and expose but with no substance. Apologies to Rakhi Sawant I am an old fan of hers!”

GOSH! This really made me think if there’s actually something common between Rakhi Sawant and Arvind Kejriwal. Except that both of them don’t really count their words before speaking and have the guts to go all out and voice their opinion, there isn’t much of a connection between the two.

But Rakhi didn’t stay mum and reacted to this saying, “He will now know what I can do. I am in talks with a lawyer and will definitely drag Singh to the court for insulting a woman. Why don’t they concentrate on their work rather than talk about others in a derogatory manner.”

While reading this news, I actually concluded that our Indian ministers are no less than Bollywood celebs when it comes to sparking a fresh controversy through such canny statements. It looks clear that Digvijay Singh has unnecessarily dragged Rakhi’s name into the entire Kejriwal fracas. I wish he could have found a better way to attack Kejriwal rather than putting the gun on Rakhi’s shoulders and then shooting in the dark. Little he would have thought that his supposed candid and funny comment would land him into such a big trouble. After all, it’s not easy to mess up with Rakhi Sawant. The item girl is known for her outrageous actions when it comes to dealing with such people. In the past also, Rakhi has taken a dig at many big shots that tried messing up with her or used her name to come into spotlight and media attention.

Well, seems Digvijay had no clue about this and that’s why he candidly took Rakhi’s name and compared her acts with that of activist Arvind Kejriwal. Now that he has given his hand in lion’s den, he must get ready to face the repercussions that will follow.

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