Rajeev Paul steps into Imam’s shoes!

Rajeev Paul steps into Imam’s shoes!

The day Sun rises from west, Bigg Boss house will have a no-drama day. Despite too many surprises, this season of India’s most controversial house seem to have lost it craze amongst the viewers. With plunging TRPs, the producers are trying their hands at everything – crazy tasks, building of a new house, re-entry of psychic Imam Siddiqui and what not!

After all the crazy stunt of masked men walking into the village house, destroying it and then sending the village house members to Bigg Boss’ main house, we were left wondering as what was in store. Bigg Boss like GOD knew about our anxiousness and could read our minds. There was announcement of all-member nomination this week. The next day inmates were divided into two.

As the day passed, things seemed to have gone plain vanilla until Rajeev went in Dolly Bindra mode. A mere comment by Imam Siddiqui instigated Rajeev’s anger and he lashed out at him. Imam Siddiqui surprisingly remained calm and composed but there was no stopping for Rajeev Paul. The TV star who was conversing with his ex-wife Delnaaz Irani at that moment was offended when Imam ‘interfered’. The rest of housemates struggled to control raging Rajeev who seemed to have stepped into Imam Siddiqui’s earlier violent avatars. Now, that’s what we called role reversal!

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