Pujara, the true successor of Rahul dravid?

Pujara, the true successor of Rahul dravid?

Die hard cricket fans and people who religiously follow cricket feels that Cheteshwar Pujara is “the new Rahul Dravid. He truly justified that he is the right man to fill the No. 3 position vacated by Rahul Dravid. I am not an ardent fan of cricket and its players so I can’t be that sure about him or any other player. Yes, he played a good knock no doubt. Great work Mr. Pujara. But, I still feel it’s not easy to replace Rahul Dravid. He was, is and will be amongst the greatest test cricketer of world ever.. And pujara has just begun his career, he still have a long way to go!

Pujara’s real test will be scoring runs abroad consistently like Dravid did. I am not challenging Pujara’s capabilities; in fact I am very happy to see Pujara has most effectively tried to step into the shoes of Rahul Dravid By playing with full determination & hardwork. He surely has some great qualities; I can see lot of patience just what Dravid had & he can also bat for long hours without any distraction,he is a very gritty cricketer & these are some fine qualities of a good batsman. But he has to ensure he keeps himself fit and free from injuries. The board should preserve him for test matches. Team India needs some one like Pujara who can be a wall like Dravid to his opponents. He should be given adequate exposure & training to face the unbeatable bowlers of Australia, South Africa, West Indies…Since the toughest match for our batsmen is overseas where conditions are not only different but favour the bowlers of the host country. .
Once Again, congratulations on your double hundred Pujara!!! I sincerely hope that no IPL team even tries to buy Pujara so that he continues to remain an asset to the Indian Team. Should he be picked up by an IPL team, his performance and motivation (to play for the Indian team) will go down the drain, and he will also become a liability to the team (as has become so many of his colleagues).

Keep up your spirits and determination. You are and can be the right replacement for Rahul Dravid. 

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