PDA in Bigg Boss: Vishal showers Sana with Kisses

PDA in Bigg Boss: Vishal showers Sana with Kisses

The long wait got over last night when Bigg Boss house witnessed some public display of affection. Indian viewers were waiting to see love blooming between the inmates. But it took almost two months till the wishes were granted. Vishal Karwal showered Sana Khan with kisses that set the rumour mills abuzz. While Sana Khan remained poised, Vishal could not keep his hands off her and let the world know about his fondness for this special friend in Bigg Boss house.

Ever since Vishal Karwal entered the house, Bigg Boss himself had made attempts to ignite their relationship so that the couple opens up about being a couple in real life. Firstly, the day Vishal entered the house a task demanded Sana to train Vishal-Aashka to dance together. Then the task of circus that had Sana and Vishal as tigers living in the same cage. Despite the duo being bound to stay in the same cage, the cameras failed to get a single frame that could raise the temperatures in & around the house.

When Vishal returned to the main house after his short stay in village house, the ice broke. The alleged couple sat together to reconcile their friendship. A heated discussion was followed by stupid, silly and funny promises between Sana and Vishal.

A day later inmates were given the task of dancing with balloon. Unlike many other tasks, Bigg Boss chose to announce the couple who would dancing together. Obviously Sana and Vishal were paired together. The couple dance with balloon hit the bull’s eye. Sana Khan and Vishal Karwal won the task. Vishal hugged and kissed Sana passionately.

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