OMG: Assault charges against Rajesh Khanna?

OMG: Assault charges against Rajesh Khanna?

It’s been a few months Bollywood’s superstar Rajesh Khanna breathed his last but seems his soul hasn’t still got to rest in peace. Legal battles surrounding the superstar and his past life don’t seem to be coming to an end and in turn giving sleepless night to actor’s family. In a fresh controversy, Rajesh Khanna’s proclaimed live-in partner Anita Advani has filed a complaint under the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act alleging that Kaka sexually assaulted her and kissed her when she was 13, the time when she was in awe of the legendary Bollywood actor. Can’t believe from where such gross allegations are coming against Rajesh Khanna months after his demise and that too from a person who claims that she has been with Kaka through his thick and think times.

Reading about such sensationalized stories is not only disturbing but also raises endless questions about Kaka’s past life. Though I have my own strong doubts if there’s any truth in whatever Anita Advani is saying about the late superstar, still in case there’s any substance in her shocking allegations, I wonder how actor’s family will react to it. Besides, I really am keen to know if Rajesh Khanna fans would believe in any such revelations that their superstar did anything wrong. However, it’s not the first time Kaka’s rumored affairs and relationships have come under the scanner. He’s been linked to various women in the past, and I am just afraid after such allegations being brought out in open, his other love interests might as well wake up from sleep and scratch the past to hog some media limelight. Ah, it can’t get worse!

Furthermore, I was amused and taken aback to read about Rs. 10 lacks a month that Ms. Advani is seeking from Rajesh Khanna’s family members as maintenance to support herself. Is she out of her mind? She isn’t a celebrity wife, neither is she known to the outside world – what lifestyle is she talking about while demanding such kind of money? It looks nothing less than a set plan to frame an actor of Rajesh Khanna’s stature, especially when he is not there to defend his stance. Anita Advani surely is playing her cards well. At the same time, the kind of evidences (private pictures and videos with the late superstar) she is threatening everyone with, I doubt if they too have been doctored just to serve her personal interest, which looking at the current situation is only monetary.

Having said this, I hope proper investigation and interrogation is done before any further facts are furnished like this in public, because it’s just not fair to malign superstar Rajesh Khanna’s image after his death.

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