Now watch ‘Bigg Boss’ LIVE 24 x 7

Now watch ‘Bigg Boss’ LIVE 24 x 7

Bigg Boss viewers couldn’t have asked for a better gift this Diwali. As per the latest piece of news, the channel telecasting the most controversial show on Indian television have decided to enable viewers 24 x 7 live access into Bigg Boss house. Reportedly, the channel has launched a ‘Bigg Boss’ application on Android and IOS platforms that will up the interactivity quotient among regular audiences.

So in case you miss any highlight in a particular episode, fret not, for now you can catch up on not just the edited footage but the whole rundown of activities inside Bigg Boss house. WOW! Isn’t that GREAT?

Imagine when the edited version of a mere one hour slot serves us with so much of gossip and fun, the whole day long entertainment would be simply out of this world. I mean, Bigg Boss lovers would actually get to take the closest ever sneak peak in the unmasked lives of their favourite contestants on the show. Sounds too good to believe!!!

In a way, it’s quite a good initiative to let the crazy Bigg Boss viewers satiate their curiosity like never before. After each episode, viewers certainly have an opinion to share, something to talk about the contestants and how they are behaving on the show. And with this 24 x 7 access into the Bigg Boss house, there’s no chance that you can miss a single moment. I’m sure in some time once you get addicted to this application, it would feel as if you are one of the participants only, staying in that same house. LOL…

Just prior to this, Colors channel had also launched ‘Bigg Boss tours’ where viewers can enjoy a paid tour of the Bigg Boss house and get a first hand experience of things associated with the show’s format. Not bad!

Well, seems like season six is indeed unique unlike the past seasons, as Salman Khan keeps saying ‘alag chae’ – it’s different!

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  1. syed ghiyas ahmed Tuesday - 01 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    i want to see 24*7 biggboss 6
  2. Keham sheth Friday - 04 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    I want to watch biggboss 24*7 on my ipad pls send me the link for the same
  3. poonamsethi Sunday - 06 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    imam looks sick on mind and I hate him to spoil such a gd show, I am a big fan of big boss bt I hate u to bring such a horrible person

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