Naveen Jindal vs Zee: News for sale

Naveen Jindal vs Zee: News for sale

By the recent arrest of 2 senior zee TV employees, the entire reliability and credibility of TV news channels has vanished. The spotlight is on the media now instead of the other way around. Instead of a news channel/journalist carrying out a sting, Congress MP Naveen Jindal ensured that there was a sting by him on the media for blackmailing his company into paying 100 crores!

Where do the people of the country go when the media itself becomes corrupt? It makes you wonder if anything broadcasted these days is even true!

The video clip of the operation shared by the officials from Jindals firm with other news channels clearly shows how news today is for sale. Even names of bigwigs like Aamir and Vodafone were spoken of. Not only has the credibility of Zee news gone forever but the other news channels have shown their real colours too. They are sweeping in like vultures to take advantage of the incident and kill the competition.

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