Naveen Jindal turns table for sting operations

Naveen Jindal turns table for sting operations

Being in media does not mean having a free hand in publishing, broadcasting or telecasting any news ANYWAY. After all the news channels and different forms of media clinging to varieties of sting operations on politicians, bureaucrats or celebrities, the entire Indian news media has got a taste of their own dish.

Naveen Jindal has turned the table for sting operations that is surely a black day in the history of Journalism. Steel tycoon and Congress MP Navin Jindal had accused two senior editor of Zee News of extorting money for their company. Both the senior journalists have been arrested by police in the first ever big exposure of any top level media person.

For years till date, small and big politicians have fallen prey to sting operations where they were caught taking bribes, extorting money, indulging in sex acts or threatening people. But this is one such case where any politician has exposed two senior editors from one of India’s most popular news channels. The video footage recorded by Naveen Jindal’s men shows media in a wrong foot.

Sting operations have been media’s weapon for years but this case has sent ripples through the entire news media fraternity. Naveen Jindal’s firm may have accused the senior editors Sudhir Chaudhary, head of Zee News, and Samir Ahluwalia, head of Zee Business of extortion but the investigations are still on. Let see how the investigations go forward in future. But this stinking sting operations has definitely stung media badly

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