Mumbai stops for Bal Thackeray

Mumbai stops for Bal Thackeray

While Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray is hanging on for dear life in his home in Bandra, Mumbai; the city is also holding its breath. The hustle and bustle of the overcrowded city center of India has come to grinding halt. The crowd of Mumbai is getting agitated in anticipation of the worst. But seriously, Bal Thackeray is an old man who will die eventually. For the crowd to act like hooligans is no way of showing their love for this people leader. Even Amitabh Bachchan was pushed and shoved around when he tried to enter the house.
A call from a friend in Mumbai made an alarm go off in my brain and it made me realize the gravity of his impact on people. She said the jam packed roads of the city were deserted and cops were visible at every corner. It is so intimidating and scary to imagine a busy city like Mumbai coming to a halt for one person.
And all this for a person who has brought out more dark in people than good. For eg-His Shiv Sainiks have been involved in more than one incident of beating up women and men on Valentines Day since it was ‘against our culture.’ At the same time he also acts like a godfather and helps the needy in times of despair and gets them justice in a flawed system. One controversial person who is flawed no doubt but is still loved. Lets see how Mumbai will handle this loss whenever deaths comes knocking to Bal Thackeray’s door.

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