Move over Justin Bieber, Psy is here

Move over Justin Bieber, Psy is here

The first time I heard a Justin Bieber song I was confused like many if it was a girl singing. Never quiet understood why this sissy looking boy became such a rage. His songs were mediocre at best. There is such great talent out there but this is the guy that Usher chose to bet on. And sure enough he made a truck load of money off him all thanks to the bizarre fascination that kids in US developed for him. The craziness was to the extent that not did he get the maximum number of hit in Youtube history, but his girlfriend got death threats. Lol

But now move over Justin Bieber, Psy is the new king of Youtube. Psy’s Gangham Style has beaten Justin Bieber’s Baby as the video with maximum hits.

By Sunday, Psy’s Gangham had 816 million views against Bieber’s Baby which had 804 million views—a difference of 12 million views. Experts are predicting a billion hits on Gangham by Christmas. This Korean dude is smashing all records in the history of music. Thanks god the Justin Bieber era is on its way out now.

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