‘Moment of Truth’ in Bigg Boss

‘Moment of Truth’ in Bigg Boss

Oh My God… I never thought Bigg Boss would go this extra mile to spice up the show that housemates would have to spill beans about their best kept secrets. The episode where four chosen inmates – Rajiv, Delnaaz, Aashka and Niketan – had to face the Moment of Truth came as the ultimate shocker for Bigg boss housemates, however viewers outside would surely have had the best time being entertained to hear the poor celebs making some shocking revelations.

And I must say Bigg Boss exactly knew everyone’s weak points and made sure to grill each of the four chosen contestants as much as possible. Poor Rajiv would have never thought that his closeness with Sana khan would unnecessarily come under the scanner, as Bigg Boss popped questions one after another referring to Rajiv-Sana’s friendship. Somewhere personal questions pertaining to Rajiv and Delnaaz’s personal life and divorce seemed quite desperate attempts to up the curiosity quotient, though both of them made sure not to put their divorce drama on sale for others to gossip about. Wise only for them only!

On the other hand it was rather interesting to watch Niketan sharing his opinion about ex flame Karishma Kotak without any inhibitions as such. Though I’m sure it would have definitely sparked a fresh new series of misunderstandings between the two, a bit of what we all got to see in the same episode. Moving on, I was quite impressed with Aashka’s honesty, but she wasn’t spared either by Bigg Boss. It looked rather embarrassing when her fondness and intimacy with Sana was highlighted out in open and viewers were given all reasons to sexual preferences of the hottie.

Having said it all, I felt that it wasn’t really much of a task for Bigg Boss contestants for if they can survive inside this house of scandals for 72 days, speaking their hearts out is even easier.

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