Life of Pi: Cinematic genius

Life of Pi: Cinematic genius

My fascination with fictional writing started with the Harry Potter series. I remember the day I got my first Harry Potter book. I read the entire book in 3 days, which was quite a task for a person who disliked reading.

After my fixation with the Harry Potter series ended, I started reading about more of such fictional best sellers. It was back then that I discovered the novelty that is known as ‘Life of Pi’.

Life of Pi is a fantasy adventure novel written by Yann Martel. Once Yann wrote the book, he had quite a strenuous task waiting ahead of him. His book had no takers. None of the publishing houses wanted to invest in Yann’s imaginative work.

Finally, after much deliberation, Life of Pi finally got published in the year 2001. Life of Pi, the book became a bestseller in no time. It was then that I wondered, would any filmmaker dare to bring this magnum opus on to the big screen?

Ang Lee changed this dream into a reality. He took on the hard challenge of bringing this magical journey onto the silver screen

Life of Pi has now released worldwide and is getting the same appreciation as the book got. It is a fictional story about Pi Patel, an Indian boy from Pondicherry who survives a disaster at sea. It is an epic journey of adventure and self-discovery. The film is being applauded for its magnificent special effects.

I cannot wait to view this magic on the silver screen. What about you?

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