Kasab: Justice delivered

Kasab: Justice delivered

Ajmal Kasab is finally dead. By catching him alive, Pakistan’s role in Mumbai attack became clear. But to keep him alive has been nothing less than a battle for our country considering the call of unison made by the aam aadmi to hang him after the number of lives he took. So much of the tax payer’s money has also been wasted in keeping him alive. But our political system is such that religion is always taken advantage of. The Britishers policy of divide and rule is still going strong in our country. Only the nationality of people using it has changed.

The authorities proceeded with the hanging discreetly. Media attention had only made the proceedings more difficult for everyone involved in the past. For once our authorities acted smartly and it is finally over! Goodnight Kasab, enjoy the virgins you were promised in HELL.

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