Karisma-Vishal-Sana: Love triangle in Bigg Boss?

Karisma-Vishal-Sana: Love triangle in Bigg Boss?

Love is in the air of Bigg Boss house. Ever since Vishal stepped in the Bigg Boss house, there were enough murmurs about Sana Khan and Vishal being in a relationship. The ‘twang hai’ girl even admitted being in love with close friend Delnaaz. But the traits of ladies man who is ‘aadat se majboor’ has made him popular amongst the other girls in the house. Vishal appears to be love-struck with Siddhu’s angel ‘Karisma’ and this has irked his girl ‘Sana’.

The ‘Roadies’ winner Vishal can be seen getting close to Karisma in the house. During the process of selection of new Bigg Boss captain, Vishal had promised Karisma that if she choose to contest for captaincy this week he would not stand up for the same. True to his words, Vishal did not propose his name for captaincy. Karisma who emerged a winner and became the captain this week went to speak to Vishal. But this did not go down too well with Niketan who was miffed with Karisma’s approach towards Vishal. He even showed his disapproval for Karisma being sympathetic towards Vishal.

The new chemistry between the two beautiful people in the house has made the gossip mongers wanting for more. Vishal who is a wild card entry in the house seem to have done his homework well before entering Bigg Boss. He is using his good looks and mind to play the best game to win the Bigg Boss winner title. But will he succeed? Only time will tell

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