Karishma Kotak in Bigg Boss: Who wants her?

Karishma Kotak in Bigg Boss: Who wants her?

It’s DIFFERENT. No, I am not recalling the old Maggi Tomato Chili Sauce ad. It is Salman Khan’s words that are echoing in my mind. The Bigg Boss host has been emphasizing on the show being different this year. So far, the show has been different from its previous seasons. No masala, no controversy, just too goody show happening in the house. The latest ‘being human’ angle is about Karishma Kotak. The stunningly beautiful model will re-enter the Bigg Boss house tonight.

Karishma Kotak had chosen to step out of the house when Bigg Boss informed her about her father’s ill health and suggested her to return home to her family. A shaken Karishma took no time to understand the situation at home and left the house within few hours. Almost after a fortnight, the producers of the show are keen to bring her back to the house as they believe it is a fair decision.

Despite being a desperate bid to bringing the glam factor back to the house, the viewers may not be too thrilled with Karishma Kotak’s re-entry in the Bigg Boss house. But apart from her bizarre accent while talking in Hindi and a charming face, the model has not given any masala in the house. We just wish she shows off her not-so-subtle avatar with her re-entry in Bigg Boss house.

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