Kareena Kapoor’s item song high on sleaze factor!

Kareena Kapoor’s item song high on sleaze factor!

Clearly Kareena Kapoor has shed all inhibitions, if there were any, and came out in her boldest avatar doing a raunchy item number for Salman Khan starrer Dabangg 2 that is set for a Christmas release this month. The song was officially unveiled on controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss season 6.

Clad in a choli blouse and vibrant skirt, Kareena has shaken her booties like never before. And the pelvic thrust move in the signature ‘Fevicol se’ step was just something you won’t actually expect out of Bebo. But seems she came out of her comfort zone and stepped into the shoes of what we called an ‘item girl’ to deliver this dance number.

I, however, was a little disappointed to see the whole song, not because it is high on sleaze factor and looks extremely raunchy, but somewhere Kareena’s sophistication isn’t letting it come out the way it should have come. Compare it with Malaika Arora Khan in ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ and you’d understand where I am coming from. The expressions, facial movements, seductive moves that Malaika had put in Munni song is surely lacking in ‘Fevicol se’ sequence. Only bet that can save it and help become a rage among music lovers is the fact that it features Kareena Kapoor and for those who love to watch her, it is going to be a visual treat for sure.

Besides, I am a bit confused about what understanding our tinsel town hotties have of item numbers in films. After looking at this song where Kareena Kapoor is trying to be at ease doing all those raunchy steps, I felt as if the actress tried only to look ‘picture perfect’ on screen. She has a lot to learn and improve as far as item numbers are concerned. Kareena made no attempt to put behind her cuteness quotient that could have helped made the item song look even better. More so, coz to fit in a film like Dabangg, the song ought to be captivating for masses and not classes. Unless it makes men go crazy and drives them to get up, go gaga and whistle, you can’t say it is ‘great’. Still, let’s see if Kareena ha managed to create some sensation with ‘Fevicol Se’.

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