Karan Johar: Most ‘versatile’ TV personality?

Karan Johar: Most ‘versatile’ TV personality?

There couldn’t have been a better joke to bid adieu to year 2012. The Golden Petal awards gave away the title of ‘Most versatile personality’ to ace Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar. It was a moment that created a spur of mixed emotions – made me laugh for a bit and then wonder what made the jury or audiences give away such a prestigious award to someone like Kara Johar. I’m sorry but the tongue-in-cheek director nowhere stands closer to win this title. Especially when there’s no as such quality why television audiences would connect with him the way they do with other celebrities. Karan’s intellectual self comes across as a bit too over-the-top for small screen viewers and he hasn’t really managed to impress audiences in any extraordinary manner.

Maybe, it was just an obligation because a big name of his stature was the newest entry in Colors family and the channel producers didn’t want to disappoint him. Otherwise take Jhalak Dikhla Jaa or India’s Got Talent, Karan has maintained a stance that is typically his style. No offences but his personality, style of talking, conduct, and mannerism is not something that television audiences are used to watching on a daily basis. And I don’t recall any incident where Karan would have put any special efforts to act in a way that he gets closer to audiences heart. Despite this I’m not sure on what grounds he’s been awarded for the most versatile television personality title.

Nevertheless, even if Karan’s stint on small screen has been quite praiseworthy in year 2012, I feel he is best suited to make films and shouldn’t really consider taking up judging reality shows as his long term plan. And I hope it’s not that just because several A-list actors are making way towards small screen, Karan Johar too gets tempted and take another chance. Well, it’d be better if the ace Bollywood filmmaker applies some serious thought before making an appearance on television again. As for ‘the most versatile television personality’ – sorry Karan, it certainly isn’t a well deserved award whatsoever. Better lock next time!

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