Jyoti Amge replaces Imam Siddique in Bigg Boss

Jyoti Amge replaces Imam Siddique in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is surely getting on our nerves now. I can hear the same murmurs from every corner of office and also metro coaches. Too many exits, eliminations and of course wild card entries seem to have backfired. The desperate attempts by the reality show producers to boost TRP has annoyed the Indian audience. And as if these wild card entries were not enough, Bigg Boss has another inmate entering the house. The latest Bigg Boss contestant is Jyoti Amge – the world’s smallest girl.

Jyoti has been chosen to replace Imam Siddique who abruptly left the show within a few days of entry. The world’s smallest girl whose height is just 62.8 cm will be living in the rustic drama alongwith Ashaka Goradia and Niruhua.

Now, it would be interesting to see how the present inmates in the new Bigg Boss house react to the next wild card contestant.

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