It’s ‘Happy New Year’ time for SRK, Farah Khan

It’s ‘Happy New Year’ time for SRK, Farah Khan

Bollywood’s best friends forever Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan have been through a lot of troubles affecting their friendship, but equations seem to be changing now! Farah’s long impending project ‘Happy New Year’ with King Khan is set to go on floors, once the remaining star cast is finalized. It feels nice to see that even after a rough phase that SRK-Farah’s friendship went through, it remains insignificant for the choreographer-turned-filmmaker and she still wishes to go ahead and have Shahrukh Khan as the main lead in ‘Happy New Year’. Moreover, with media reports that Farah is looking for a female lead to star with SRK in ‘Happy New Year’, it leaves us with little doubt that there’s any friction left between them.

Not just this, Shahrukh had also supported Farah Khan while she was promoting her film ‘Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi’ that marked her debut as an actress. Well, some friendships know no boundaries and SRK-Farah are surely the ones who know how to play it smart. While it may speak volumes about their untouched friendship but there’s certainly a lot of secrets that are being kept under wraps.

Not many would know that Farah had planned ‘Happy New Year’ even before her directorial debut ‘Main Hoon Naa’ and rumors were that she will start shooting once ‘Om Shanti Om’ gets over. Sadly, nothing of that sort happened. Rather, movie lovers thought ‘Happy New Year’ has been shelved and will never be made. But whatever happens happens for good. Now that Farah’s directorial project ‘Happy New Year’ is back in news, it surely will create a lot of buzz. However, the film got its share of hype at the time it was first announced. And now if Farah keeps her cold war with SRK at fore and contemplates to change the star cast, she alone will have to bear all the loss. More so, ‘coz SRK is already riding high on the success of his latest box office release from Yash Raj camp ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. So Farah, it was imperative to keep aside her personal problems with the actor and let things sail smooth as before.

Though after whatever fracas that happened between Shahrukh Khan and Farah’s husband Shirish, it was pretty obvious that movie lovers might not only see SRK and Farah coming together for any film ever again. But destiny seemed to have its own plans. I just hope that ‘Happy New Year’ marks a fresh chapter in Farah-Shahrukh’s friendship. Fingers crossed! 

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