Is Karishma back on Bigg Boss with a ‘secret’ agenda?

Is Karishma back on Bigg Boss with a ‘secret’ agenda?

Kingfisher model Karishma Kotak re-entered Bigg Boss house last week and raised many eyebrows. Ironically more than the viewers, this time the inmates on Bigg Boss season 6 were left wondering why is the model back on the show. Karishma had made a sudden exit from the show ‘coz of her father’s demise but after a few days, she decided to come back on the show – apparently to divert her mind and come out of the trauma. But Bigg Boss house??? Knowing about the environment inside the house, endless arguments, fights and stress, I wonder what made Karishma take this call to be back on the show. It’s really tough to imagine how someone who has just been through a tragedy back home was cool enough to be part of a controversial cum entertainment show. Don’t know how the ways of living inside Bigg Boss house would in any way help Karishma overcome her mental disturbed state of mind due to her father’s death.

I remember in one of the episodes, Karishma was heard talking to Niketan about her father’s illness and the reason why she agreed to participate in Bigg Boss, expecting to earn the prize money for his treatment. But now when her father is no more and the very purpose of her being on the show holds no meaning, what could be that one reason that brought her back among other Bigg Boss housemates.

Is it ex-flame Niketan Madhok and their incomplete love story? Well, you never know! For a fact that Bigg Boss house has many a times served as an apt platform to make and break relationships, it won’t be a surprise to know if Karishma has also re-entered the show with same intention – to patch up with ex beau Niketan. Amid all this, I am not sure if other housemates or even viewers have the slightest clue about this. Only that Salman Khan had earlier spilled the beans about Karishma and Niketan’s affair in one of the previous episodes that it came out in open. Otherwise a love story that has full chances to revive from ashes would have been kept under wraps forever.

Well, if Karishma has actually come back on Bigg Boss with any secret agenda, she must start working towards it soon, before it’s too late.

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