Is BJP trying to sideline Nitin Gadkari?

Is BJP trying to sideline Nitin Gadkari?

It’s official now! There is an internal split in BJP.
When BJP released its list of leaders who will lead campaign against the UPA government, very prominent names could be seen missing. BJP excluded Gadkari & Advani from leading the nationwide protest against corruption, inflation and FDI.

Needless to say, Congress has found its weapon against BJP and they know where exactly to hit now. But, what about us? BJP owe an explanation to everyone. People are curious to know why party is reluctant to put Gadkari at the forefront, especially when its about corruption?? And shouldn’t it be the other way round, as in the party protest should be against its own chief? In fact, raised eyebrows can be seen on Advani’s absence also, as almost all senior leaders in teh party have been deputed to some or the other city leaving LK Advani… In addition to that leaders like;Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha & Shatrughan Sinha who supported Ram Jethmalani during his tirade against Gadkari are also among those to be excluded from the list?

So, one thing is very clear now that BJP party is divided on Gadkari front. Had he put in his papers after the allegations, BJP would have gained only that tehy are serious about fighting corruption and the corrupts.
But the differences persist and they won’t go away till the war of succession is over. And the Gadkari issue is not just about Gadkari or him Vs Modi. This rift is all about the unsettled ‘Power struggle’ in the BJP party, which will certainly cost them during elections.

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