Imam Siddique’s unruly behavior is back!

Imam Siddique’s unruly behavior is back!

Human nature is like a dog’s tail and very little can be done to change it. The old saying flashed my mind last night while watching Bigg Boss’ episode. Imam Siddique is back with his unruly behaviour on the controversial TV show. The choreographer-cum-body language expert could barely keep his true self under wraps for two days.

The psychic behavior of Imam Siddique had earlier not gone down too well with Aashka Goradia and Niruhua, but the Image and Fashion consultant went into damage control mode the moment he entered the house for second time. He apologized to the two old members of the house for his insane and violent behaviour. But the duo could hardly digest the apologies. Despite being upset about his comeback in the house, Aashka tried her best to put her best face forward.

Imam could not hold his true self for longer and indulged in lame, baseless, lengthy conversations with other inmates in the new house of Bigg Boss. At one point of time, Imam was seen trying to be over friendly with the world’s smallest girl – Jyoti Amge. The crazy Bigg Boss contestant was repeatedly asking the ‘little wonder’ to sing ‘lakdi ki Kaanti’ along with him. Is Imam out of his mind? Why in this world was he treating Jyoti as a kid? Jyoti is a 19-year-old young girl and singing the kids’ song to her seemed offensive to her. Afterall, an individual’s height has nothing to do with his brain and abilities. Sigh! Wish Imam Siddique was sane enough to understand that.

As the day passed by, the Image and Fashion consultant showed his aggressive side again in the house. Verbal fights with other housemates and sudden burst of anger made for a good episode of Bigg Boss. The rest of housemates were majorly upset with Imam Siddique’s crazy behaviour. Looks like Imam is back to hit the headlines with his another showdown in Bigg Boss house soon

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