Imam Siddique: ‘Psycho Alert’ in Bigg Boss

Imam Siddique: ‘Psycho Alert’ in Bigg Boss

Don’t know if this was deliberate or not but Bigg Boss season 6 happened to be the heavenly abode for psychopaths. After Sapna Bhavnani, it is Imam Siddique who showed anomalous behaviour on the reality show was instantly thrown out.

Image and fashion consultant, Imam entered Bigg Boss village house last week and looked as if he directly came from an asylum. The way he behaved, walked, and talked with other two inmates inside the new house, everything just hinted towards a serious personality disorder. I really was shocked to see what was wrong with that 47-year-old man!

Right from the minute when Imam Siddique made an entry inside the Bigg Boss house, he brought to forefront a very strange personality. Though his feminine style of talking was still logical considering the industry he hails from but it’s tough to understand the reason behind his uncanny behaviour. The way he imitated Aashka’s cry-baby looked so forced and even when he showered his ire on Nirahua for ignoring him, it just came across as an act of sheer desperation to get attention. Doing all this and more in the name of playing the Bigg Boss game, Imam was just trying to act like a desperado – contemplating that this may help him survive till the end and win the show. But all in vain! He even got clad in a transparent bodysuit and enacted a wild tiger thinking that viewers would enjoy watching him do all this. So creepy he looked!

The things got worse when he lost his cool, locked the other two housemates inside the Bigg Boss house, broke earthen pots and threatened to burn the house. Later he started pleading, shouting and yelling that he wants to leave the show immediately. After this unstoppable non-sense, Imam Siddique was thrown out of Bigg Boss rural house during wee morning hours.

I don’t think his ouster from Bigg Boss season 6 would affect the show’s popularity in any way. Rather it was only wise on show maker’s end to clean away the dirt and give audiences healthy entertainment. I can’t believe that threatening Bigg Boss to allow him to quit the game, Imam actually went to the extent of stripping on national television. Was he actually mad to do such an act or did he think that it’s just looking entertaining on screen? Sorry Imam, you really need to consult a psychiatrist very soon before your pitiable state of mind further worsens. And for sure, no one wants to see you back as a contestant on Bigg Boss. You can continue spreading the psycho alert outside in the glamour world, where people might have become familiar with these abnormal traits of yours. Spare the Bigg Boss housemates PLS.

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