Imam Siddique: Nightmare for Bigg Boss 6 inmates!

Imam Siddique: Nightmare for Bigg Boss 6 inmates!

Now is the time for some high voltage drama, more showdowns and never-seen-before fights on the Bigg Boss show. The boss has finally played his ace card by sending in the most controversial and violent contestant ever in the history of Bigg Boss inside the main house. After creating turmoil inside neighbor house, Image and Fashion Consultant Imam Siddique is all set to make life hell for the contestants inside the main Bigg Boss house. While Imam would be the happiest man on this planet to have come out of the village house, which according to him was the most unhygienic and filthy place to live, housemates in the main house have no clue about the danger and drama that lies ahead.

With his obnoxious behaviour and abnormal actions over the last one week, Imam Siddique has become an overnight sensation and despite getting a second chance from Bigg Boss, he’s still the same shameless annoying creature. Even if he’s been sent inside the main house to create some excitement and raise the TRP bar up, I am sure his entry marks the onset of a nightmare for other contestants.

Anyway, Imam has already made it very clear in front of all his Bigg Boss co-contestants that he’s here to play the game and irrespective of whether someone his friend or not, he won’t think once before nominating them. I was amazed to see how confidently Imam boasted about being the most deserving candidate to win the show and prize money of Rs 50 lac. I wish I could tell him that he looked nothing else but an absolute LOSER while bragging about his so-called infamous position and status. Seems he has never faced camera attention in his entire life.

The shocker will come when instead of being grateful to have got this chance to stay with inmates in main Bigg Boss house, Imam will be seen showing his intolerable side here too. Making sarcastic remarks about each and ever person in the house and how they have been portrayed on the show, Imam won’t spare anyone. GOSH! I can’t imagine how Bigg Boss housemates who have been in the house for past 52 days will react to Imam Siddique’s maddening and irritating antics.

I wish them all the best and pray that God give them courage to sail through the most testing times of their stay on Bigg Boss show with Imam Siddique at his disgusting best. Amen!!! And viewers can continue watching some more exciting and unexpected twists on the show.

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