Imam Siddique gets a reality check!

Imam Siddique gets a reality check!

When Bigg Boss gets angry, no one can getaway with it and when Salman Khan comes into his true avatar, it’s even worse for the contestant. If you try to act over smart inside the Bigg Boss house, chances are high that it would boomerang and backfire. That’s exactly what happened with a loudmouthed Imam Siddique who crossed all lines of decency and in the eviction episode ended up having a slight yet obvious showdown with Bigg Boss host Salman Khan. Since the day, Imam has entered the main house; he has been throwing tantrums at other contestants, highlighting his intellect levels and leaving no chance to let others feel inferior by making sarcastic comments about their outside life. Also, Imam has been doing possibly all weird, crazy and insane things under the sun without realizing how all of that is making him look foolish to viewers outside watching the show.

His desperation to survive in the show and win the prize money comes clear in his actions and reactions. Right from the minute Imam met Bigg Boss housemates; he behaved and talked in a way that left others intimidated by his personality. But when he went beyond imaginations and acted shrewd in front of Salman Khan during the eviction episode; it was apparent that Imam has invited unwanted troubles.

Bringing to fore the fact that no one in the house can be forced to talk to Imam or be nice to him, Salman Khan gave Imam Siddique a dose of his own medicine. Also, Salman made a strong point that if Imam wants to behave in a set way with co-contestants and poke fun at them, he should not overreact if others reciprocate in the same way and make fun of him. I just can’t stop laughing recalling the little incident where Imam Siddique pretended that he is not good with names and reacting to it in a rather funny way, Salman acted as if Imam’s name has just slipped out of his mind. This is what you call giving ‘Tit for tat’ and Imam certainly deserved this reality check!

Mind you, it’s not easy to get involved in a face-off with Salman Khan. In previous seasons of Bigg Boss also, there have been numerous occasions when the actor-host intervened and took a dig at inmates who were acting conniving and trying to be the trouble maker on the show. I’m sure you remember the confrontation with Sky Akashdeep Saigal, Siddharth Bhardwaj, Dolly Bindra, Sapna Bhavnani, Kashif Quereshi and more. Salman just ripped them apart after they crossed the line. And I must say he knows exactly how to deal with each contestant inside the Bigg Boss house of scandals.

And with contestants like Imam Siddique, I guess it was only better for Salman to keep his conversation short and sweet with him. Though I am sure Imam who is trying really hard to hog camera attention and be in limelight all the time would have got a lesson that he is not the Bigg Boss. It’d be better if he concentrates on the show and play fair.

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