Has Salman Khan lost it completely?

Has Salman Khan lost it completely?

Salman Khan surely has lost it. Just because he has been hosting third consecutive season of the most controversial and popular reality show on Indian television, he seems to have got his head over heels. Taking a dig at other top Bollywood stars, making fun of them on national television and leaving no chance to declare himself as the ultimate ruling Khan, Salman for sure is enjoying this phase of undue importance that is coming his way. I am amazed to see how despicably, the actor has crossed quite a few lines.

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss where Kareena Kapoor’s item song ‘Fevicol Se’ was unveiled, Salman Khan looked a bit too over excited. Not because Bebo, who shares a special (read friendly) rapport with Salman, was on the sets, but because the actor got a chance to create some gossip for the audiences watching the show. For a fact that Kareena has worked with all top Khans of Bollywood industry including SRK, Salman, Aamir, Saif and even Imran Khan, it only gave a reason to Bigg Boss host to make the most of the moment. He showered some rapid fire questions on Bebo – – all pertaining to Khans and their traits – with a clear intent to start a fresh controversy. Phew! Can’t believe Salman had to stoop to this level to show his stance.

When Kareena took Aamir’s name being the best Khan, Salman was quick to point that just because her film ‘Talaash’ has got released, she’s taking sides. Furthermore, when Aamir’s name came more than once, Salman went beyond imagination and suggested Bebo, ‘auron ka bhi naam le lo, warne naraz ho jate hain’ (please take name of other Khans also, or else they would feel bad). I am sick of Salman Khan highlighting his rivalry and cold war with Shahrukh Khan each time he gets a chance. Earlier it was with Rakhi Sawant, when Salman took a dig at King Khan. And then, if SRK reacts and says anything, losers in his hate club just get up and start writing him off. Poor people!

Also, Salman needed to understand that Kareena is a married woman now, so it was only obvious that she’ll be biased for hubby Saif Ali Khan when it came to being a favorite. But Salman not only acted shameless saying that “I know I am her favourite but she can’t admit it now”, he went on to saying that once Dabangg 2 release date nears, then we would ask who is Bebo’s favourite Khan. Salman Khan only sounded way too desperate to get some attention and acknowledgment.

My sincere advice for Salman is that we’ve had enough of you and your shirtless antics, please get a life and enjoy the stature of being in the Khan brigade.

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