Happy 21st wedding anniversary – SRK & Gauri Khan

Happy 21st wedding anniversary – SRK & Gauri Khan

A Muslim boy and a Hindu girl are madly in love ever since their teenage. One fine day, the girl goes to Mumbai. The young guy searches her on the streets of Mumbai and every possible place he could. At last he finds his love of life on a beach and goes down on his knees to propose. The girl obliges and then the lovely couple lived happily ever after. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s love story is much alike any Bollywood movie. Amid the rumours of a rocking relationship, Bollywood’s Baadshah and his ‘Begum’ celebrate their years long togetherness today on 25th October.

Shahrukh Khan was said to be absolutely smitten by Gauri’s charm and that’s surely a reason that has held to duo together despite being in an industry that is famous for its illicit relationships and affairs. It’s not that their relationship never hit the rough patch but hats off to the adorable Bollywood couple who stuck to each other. Shahrukh Khan was recently linked to Priyanka Chopra. There were reports about Gauri Khan being miffed with the rumours about his affair. But all said and done, their married life seems to be back on the track.

Here’s wishing a happy 21st wedding anniversary to SRK & Gauri Khan.

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