For Bigg Boss, TRP is boss

For Bigg Boss, TRP is boss

Bigg Boss has always been high on entertainment thanks to the drama and high voltage arguments. But looks like this season the producers made a gross misjudgment while picking the contestants. None of them provided the masala and madness required to keep the show interesting for the audience watching at home.

That is when they started coming up with ridiculous tasks to create differences between the contestants. They brought back the eliminated contestants also! Even that failed to revive the interest of the viewers.

Then with a bang they launch Imam Siddique into the ‘new’ house.

Imam Siddique has become famous overnight. He is weird, abnormal and twisted all rolled into one. It is shameful that a character this unstable is being given so much importance for TRPs. Eventually it’s all about the money boss, right Bigg Boss?

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