Even after death, Bal Thackeray disrupts

Even after death, Bal Thackeray disrupts

Bal Thackeray is like a tainted baba. His intentions and actions were always under scrutiny due to his aggressive language and anti unity slogans. There are n number of instances where he has directly instigated regionalism and violence in Maharashtra. Safe to say, he was certainly not a peace lover. His main in life seemed to be divide and rule Mumbai. He single handedly created so much anger in the hearts of local Maharashtrians against rest of India. His legacy even after his death shows his true face.
An innocent girl ‘dared’ to post her harmless and non-religious comment about Mumbai shutting down due to his death, and she was dragged to jail. Not only was she jailed unlawfully (since they did not have any appropriate penal code to book her under) but her uncle’s clinic was also destroyed. WHY? Bal Thackeray was an old man, who died due to natural causes. If not today, he would died eventually. Why did the police fear a violent outbreak after his death? What is the general crowd of Mumbai become?! This is what he has brought out in the public. It is sick to witness this brainwashing in action! God knows what these stupid people will put these girls and their families through now.

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