Drama queens locked inside Bigg Boss house

Drama queens locked inside Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss season 6 might be lacking on the entertainment quotient for viewers outside, but when it comes to creating ‘drama’ inside the controversial house, contestants are giving their best shot – at least women are just too good. Crying their lungs out, screaming, yelling and hungry to get sympathy votes, there’s literally no dearth of teary-eyed starlets trying to up the drama factor.

On one hand Aashka Goradia continues to flood the Bigg Boss house with her non-stop crocodile tears, Delnaaz also mustered up courage during a task and bared out her heart while highlighting the problems she has been through in her married life. Karishma Kotak who portrayed her image as a goody two-shoes girl has suddenly turned to a conniving chic who loves to indulge in gossip sessions with people who love to create troubles inside the house. Seems suddenly Karishma has realized that being a Bigg Boss inmate, she isn’t going to get any limelight unless she takes part in some controversy, and so ganging up with Urvashi, Mink and Niketan turned out to be a good option for the Kingfisher model. Even during her captaincy, she made sure to act as pricey as she could and clearly favored her newly formed friends on the Bigg Boss show.

Talking of Mink Brar, from the very first day she entered the show, it was obvious that she would create as much drama as in the Bigg Boss house that all other contestant together haven’t been able to bring for the viewers in past 2 months. Sana Khan too has done her bit to add a lot of drama to the show. While it was not saving Rajiv or getting insecure about close friend Vishal, the hottie hogged enough of camera attention.

And what do I say of Urvashi Dholakia… the most popular vamp of small screen, she possibly is the biggest drama queen. Right from swinging from one group of friends to other, as per convenience, enjoying the bitchiest of conversations inside the controversial house to inflicting her dominant character on other housemates, Urvashi has left no stone unturned to hype the drama quotient inside the Bigg Boss house of scandals.

Among all these occasional drama queens, Sapna Bhavnani has topped the charts when it’s about giving the most dramatic moments inside the Bigg Boss house. Be it her psychotic behavior or abnormal actions, she became a hot favourite among viewers from the very first day.

All said and done, irrespective of how enjoyable or boring Bigg Boss Season 6 has been, you can’t deny that like always the show has put together a heady mix of drama queens that are giving heavy dose of entertainment to viewers in their own ways.

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