Delnaaz’s two-faced personality out on Bigg Boss

Delnaaz’s two-faced personality out on Bigg Boss

For almost three months now, Bigg Boss 5 viewers have loved and felt sympathetic towards oh-so-poor Delnaaz Paul who always portrayed that she is victimized by ex-husband Rajiv Paul who is also a contestant on the controversial reality show. But someone rightly said that you can’t hide behind the fake masks for long and now that Delnaaz’s true colors are coming out, it’s shocking to see how hypocritical she has been acting on the show for so long.

Delnaaz maintained her stance during the initial weeks inside the Bigg Boss house and kept her distance from ex-husband Rajiv Paul. Despite his repeated and continuous efforts to woo her back, Delnaaz has been adamant that she holds no feelings for Rajiv anymore. After such a strong stand and controlled emotions, it was only fair for viewers to trust and sympathize with so-called victimized Delnaaz. But her recent switch of expressions and emotions has somehow raised many eyebrows. Now that Rajiv Paul has suddenly switched attention to Bigg Boss co-contestant Sana Khan, ex-wife Delnaaz seems to have lost it completely. I didn’t understand why in the first place she needed to confront Rajiv and ask him questions that would make her sound so desperate. If she is clear in her mind that she has nothing left for Rajiv in her heart, then why his clones with Sana Khan is bothering her so much? Even if it has shown Rajiv in bad light to the outside world, what business does Delnaaz has to interfere. Hasn’t her family members done enough damage to Rajiv’s character on national television that now she needs to grill him more and make the situation even worse!

Delnaaz should realize soon that such attention seeking tactics have only ended up showing her as a two-faced personality. By stooping to such levels and telling Rajiv that he no longer feels for her only proved that Delnaaz was acting fake for all this while whenever she reacted to his gestures towards her. Don’t know if audiences sitting outside and watching Bigg Boss have understood the well planned strategic game play that oh-so-poor Delnaaz has been playing over last 86 days. It’s time to just wait and watch whether Delnaaz’s hard earned goodwill on the show will help her win Bigg Boss or not!

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