Delhi Gang Rape Case

Delhi Gang Rape Case

It’s almost as though rape is Delhi’s ugly twin, starved of attention, ignored in households, every once it a while it will rear its monstrous head in full public glory. How used to seeing the word rape being written in dignified times new roman i am, following Delhi around. I can almost hear myself say ‘Oh well another rape case.’ Quickly followed by ‘That could have been me.’

For the times I’ve driven home late at night from all corners of the NCR, after dropping friends home, after movies, after hanging out with my best friend, rape has become part of my sub conscious only to be jolted out of its complacency when rape cases like the Delhi Gang Rape Case make it to the front page. And like the way front page news about this particular rape case will make its way into the third and forth pages of the edit columns, like the way public outrage will give way to comfortable helplessness, rape as a tangible threat will fade into the recesses of my sub conscience. That is till another rape happens in Delhi.

Yes there will be the marches and the sit ins like that coffee ad suggests. There will petitions signed online and off but when is it going to sink in that I have to fight my own complacency. It’s not the villains like Ram Singh and his associates who are the real villains. It’s my own unwillingness to get up and do something…anything that will ensure rapists and molesters run wild and free. Only to hit out at me the next time.

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